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Scalp Treatment

  • 250 ml Softening Oil - 200 ml Purifying Shampoo
    This treatment combination is excellent for dry scalp and other dry areas such as beard root. Both products are used at Blue Lagoon's psoriasis clinic with excellent results.
    Silica Purifying Shampoo removes flakes and relieves sensitivity. Silica Softening Bath & Body Oil nourishes and comforts the skin.

    Dermatologically tested
    Fragrance free  
    Paraben free 
    Color free
  • Step 1: Apply Silica Softening Bath and Body Oil to your scalp with your hands, paying particular attention to very dry areas. Leave in for 10-15 minutes or over night.

    Step 2: Rinse out hair. Massage Silica Purifying Shampoo into the scalp, and leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

    Repeat the whole process at least three times a week until symptoms disappear. Use Silica Purifying Shampoo once a week to prevent further symptoms.
  • This package includes the products you need for a psoriasis scalp treatment, based on the successful treatments of Blue Lagoon Clinic. Silica Softening Bath & Body Oil (250 ml) and Silica Purifying Shampoo (200 ml).

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