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List of research publications

Research on Active Ingredients

Bioactive Molecules from the Blue Lagoon. S. Grether-Beck, K. Muhlberg, H. Brenden, I. Felsner, A. Brynjolfsdottir, S. Einarsson and J. Krutman

Geothermal CO2 Bio-mitigation techniques by utilizing microalgae at the Blue Lagoon Iceland.I. Suryata, H.G. Svavarsson, S. Einarsson, A. Brynjolfsdottir and G. Maliga.

Mesophilic moderately halophilic bacterium characteristic of the Blue Lagoon geothermal lake in Iceland. S.K. Petursdottir and J.K. Kristjansson

Biomass Production Using Geothermal Flue Gas. H. Arnardottir, A. Brynjolfsdottir, A. Albertsson and H.G. Svavarsson

Applications of unmodified geothermal siclia for protein extraction. H.G. Svavarsson, H. Arnardottir, S. Einarsson, A. Albertsson and A. Brynjolfsdottir.

Adsorption applications of unmodified geothermal silica. H.G. Svavarsson, S. Einarsson and A. Brynjolfsdottir

Analysis of the unique geothermal microbial ecosystem of the Blue Lagoon. S.K. Petursdottir, S.H. Bjornsdottir, G.O. Hreggvidsson, S. Hjorleifsdottir and J.K. Kristjansson.

The relationship between physical and chemical conditions and low microbial diversity in the Blue Lagoon geothermal lake in Iceland. S.K. Petursdottir and J.K. Krisjansson

Bioactive molecules from the Blue Lagoon: in vitro andin vivo assessment of silica mud and microalgae extracts for their effects on skin barrier function and prevention of skin ageing. S. Grether-Beck, K. Muhlberg, H. Brenden, I.Felsner, A.  Brynjolfsdottir, S. Einarsson and J. Krutmann

Carbon dioxide from geothermal gas converted to biomass by cultivating coccoid cyanobacteria H.G. Svavarsson, J.E. Valberg, H. Arnardottir and A. Brynjolfsdottir


Research on Psoriasis

Blue Lagoon Iceland and Psoriasis B. Sigurgeirsson and J.H. Olafsson

The Role of TH/Tc17 Peripheral Blood T cells in Psoariasis and their Positive Therapeutic Response. J.H. Eysteinsdottir, B. Sigurgeirsson, J.H. Olafsson, B.A. Agnarsson, S. Davidsson, H. Valdimarsson and B.R. Ludviksson 

Obesity in psoriasis: leptin and resistin as mediators of cutaneous inflammation. A. Johnston, S. Arnardottir, J.E. Gudjonsson, A. Aphale, A.A. Sigmarsdottir, S.I. Gunnarsson, J.T. Steinsson, J.T. Elder and H. Valdimarsson

Psoriasis treatment: faster and long-standing results after bathing in geothermal seawater. A randomized trial of three UVB phototherapy regimens. J. H. Eysteinsdottir, J.H. Olafsson, B.A. Agnarsson, B.R. Ludviksson and B. Sigurgeirsson.

Exopolysaccharides from Cyanobacterium aponinum from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.. A.B. Gudmundsdottir, S. Omarsdottir, A. Brynjolfsdottir, B.S. Paulsen, E.S. Olafsdottir and J. Freysdottir

Psoriasis treatment: bathing in a thermal lagoon combined with UVB, versus UVB treatment only.J.H. Olafsson, B. Sigurgeirsson and R. Palsdottir.

The effect bathing in a thermal lagoon in Iceland has on psoriasis. A preliminary study. J.H. Olafsson, B. Sigurgeirsson and R. Palsdottir

The Blue Lagoon and Psorisasis. B. Sigurgeirsson and J.H. Olfasson

Exopolysaccharides from Cyanobacterium aponinum induce a regulatory dendritic cell phenotype and inhibit SYK and CLEC7A expression in dendritic cells, T cells and keratinocytes. A.B. Gudmundsdottir, A. Brynjolfsdottir, E.S. Olafsdottir,
I.Hardardottir, J.Freysdottira,

History of Blue Lagoon

The History of the Blue Lagoon in Svartsengi. M.Gudmundsdottir, A. Brynjolfsdottir and A.Albertsson

Psoriasis treatment in a geothermal lagoon. Five years experience from the blue lagoon in Iceland. J.H. Olafsson and B. Sigurgeirsson.