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June 28, 20172 min read

When people visit us here at the R&D center at the Blue Lagoon, I often get the question: what is silica and isn‘t it some kind of chemical?

So what is it? What is it good for and why is Blue Lagoon silica so great?

First off - what is silica?
Silicon (Si) is a natural trace mineral and the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust. It’s used to make an array of things ranging from household items to cosmetic stabilizers.
When combined with oxygen, silicon (Si) forms “silica (SiO2)” (or silicon dioxide), which is essential in our bodies for flexible joints, radiant skin, and stronger nails, teeth, and bones. In fact, people who have a silica deficiency are at risk for poorly formed joints, skull deformities, and weakened cartilage, collagen, and elastin (which provides skin firmness).
Silicon or silica is often confused with silicone. Silicones are man-made chemicals created in the laboratory and usually consist of silicon mixed with other elements like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

So why should I try Blue Lagoon silica?
Blue Lagoon silica is the most characteristic element of our geothermal seawater. This pure, white silica is a dissolved primary rock, brought directly from the Earth's mantle and enriched with essential minerals. One form of Blue Lagoon silica is a white mud known for strengthening the skin barrier, skin renewal, and deep cleansing. It is an important element of the treatment offered at Blue Lagoon's dermatology clinic. Silica mud is the star product of the skin care line. If you want to read some of the science behind it – click here. And if you want to see some third party research – here is a sea of information.

How do you produce silica?
Production takes place at Blue Lagoon's harvesting center in the heart of the Svartsengi Resource Park. It is isolated from silica-rich Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater via precipitation using sustainable methods. The entire process is powered by renewable geothermal energy.
It is then used in cosmetics as an active ingredient – the most well-known product being Silica Mud Mask.
Click here to view all our products containing Silica

And how do you use silica?
I use the mask but you can buy silica from various sources and in many different forms. I have rosacea and I find that the Silica Mud Mask evens my skin tone and makes my complexion brighter. I use it mainly on my face, but it can be used all over the body and is often used for spot treatment for psoriasis and eczema patients at our clinic.
Starting with a clean face, apply the mask with your fingers or a brush evenly over your face – you won't need a thick layer.

Blue Lagoon Silica Mud mask

Relax for at least 10 minutes and allow the mask to penetrate the skin and work it's magic. Rinse off with warm water.

Don‘t forget to take a mask selfie – I‘d love to see it. You can tag us on Instagram #bluelagoonskincare or just leave your pic in the comments here below.
Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask
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