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June 02, 20161 min read

The key to the Blue Lagoon’s rejuvenating powers can be found in the extraordinary tectonic environment 2000 meters within the earth.

There, in that concourse of geological forces, the interplay of water, heat, mineral, and microorganism creates the conditions that have made the Blue Lagoon a wonder of the world. The interplay of nature and science allows you to enjoy the benefits of Blue Lagoon skin care at home and experiencing the radiance nature offers.

The healing powers of the Blue Lagoon's seawater were discovered in the late '70s when people suffering from psoriasis began to bathe in a reservoir that had formed near the Svartsengi Power Station.

The revelation of the water's healing powers was, in turn, the catalyst for the establishment of Blue Lagoon's Research & Development Center, which opened in 1995.

Researchers at Blue Lagoon, working with domestic and foreign experts, are engaged in an endless quest to unlock the mysteries and wonders of geothermal seawater and its active elements.

These elements give the seawater its beneficial powers and provide the patented, natural ingredients for Blue Lagoon skin care.They are harvested with sustainable methods pioneered through decades of research and development.

Professor Jean Krutmann, one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of aging, has done studies for many of the most respected brands in the arenas of beauty and cosmetics.His research has revealed that Blue Lagoon skin care is a powerful tool in delaying the effects of time and age upon the skin.

Here you can watch an interview with Dr. Krutman.